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Discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility that is achieved through the three paths of action, knowledge and devotion. Yoga helps students to improve their concentration, memory and will power. Yogic practice unties our body, mind and soul.


Self-defence Japanese techniques where no weapons are used other than hands are taught to children who make them completely involve in whatever they do.


Weekly two abacus classes are conducted which enhance the childrens’ mathematical skill, memory and the speed of learning.

News Paper Reading (DER)

Children are provided with newspaper daily between (10.55-11.15 am) (Drop everything and read) to know day-to-day news, to collect information and to update their general knowledge.

Physical Development

We provide opportunities to run, throw, catch and balance using both small and large equipments. Children are encouraged to travel around, under, and over through balancing equipments. There is one timetabled games lesson every week led by a coach from school football club and one session timetabled in the school hall. They also use the enclosed patio and play every day when the weather is fine for ride on toys, role play, water and sand play, large construction toys, chalking and painting.

Play Field:

Statement of Total Area of the Grounds

Play Ground(i) 157′ x 43′
(ii)110’00” x 64′.04″
Vegetable Garden(i) 100′.00″ x 90′.0″
(ii) 108′.00 x 85′.0″
Swimming Pool70′.00″ x 70′.00″

Statement Physical Infrastructure

Area of the Campus2 Acres 18 K. 13Ch. + 34 sq.ft.

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